Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When someone deletes

 I understand when someone deletes another; many reasons could this be and my blog isn't a selling blog or in competition with anyone. I enjoy crafts and seeing all the talent that everyone has and I DO NOT sell anything that I make. There's no way my sewing/crafting that I do would be sale-able . I just do a bit for swaps. So when I am deleted, I understand that someone always has to go and therefore it be me. But that's ok..I still love to post about my family and some recipes or whatever may cross my way and I will continue to follow those who are so talented; for no other reason but enjoying the sites of other bloggers.

Have a great day!!!!

*Hugs* Kathy


Sue said...

I don't believe in deleating someone who you had choosen to follow in the first place...I follow you and will not delete you.

soggibottom said...

I haven't deleted you either. Although I don't always get around to visiting as much as I would like.
I lerk sometimes :-)
Don't worry about being deleted.
Enjoy blogging for the fun of it. :-)xxx

Janene said...

I am a lerker too!
Sometimes I have a comment...and then sometimes I am speechless :o(
I don't believe in deleting either...I don't know why people would do that.

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

I am a new follower. I find new blogs to follow all the time. But, I also have a husband that works two jobs, a son that I homeschool, a 9 month old, and I do enjoy quilting on occasion!

So, blog reading is not something I sit around and do all day. I do allow a couple of hours to it, as I don't watch tv.(But my God time comes first and foremost).

I, on occasion, find it time to purge the blogs I follow. Not everyone has the same interests in writing blogs or in quilting. It is impossible to know that when you first start to follow them. If, after time, I find I am overwhelmed by blogs again, I start purging. How? I keep a list beside my computer of blog posts that I didn't enjoy. When I start seeing that I don't enjoy the same blog time after time...it's time to purge.

I don't do that to hurt the person. I do that because I need to for myself.

I also understand this when I lose readers. We all have life outside of blogland.

I hope this makes you and your readers feel better about it when they have been purged!

•♦•The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

Hey girl!
Ya mean a blog you 'follow' blocked you from following them? I didn't even know you could delete followers??
Or do ya mean others stopped following You?? Why am I the only one who's confused! LOL!
I am not deleting you that's for sure! I may not get on here much...but I love ya ;)

mornings322 said...

Thanks all...yea in fact "3" have but that 's ok...my life still goes on...merrily bouncing along, lol.
I enjoy blogging when I do decide to post something. I just wanted to state that I do not make and sale anything if for that might have been a reason for deletion.

Hey Kath!!! yes you can delete followers....thanks..luv ya too. You are one of my few PA blogging buddies. I just love your blog.

Have a great day!

Dani said...

Delete you, NEVER! but I know what you mean..I've had 2 followers delete me in the last few days so know the feeling.....one wonders if its something I've said...but I don't think so....