Friday, October 15, 2010

Looky-looky-looky what I got

Hey all.....happy Friday.

I did a swap over at Crow's Creek Primitives Gathering Forum and received my swap yesterday. If you are not a member...stop on over and check it out. Lots of nice women over there with great talent.

So here is my swap items: the doll, which I love and smells wonderful. two pumpkins, harvest potpourri, coffee and a turkey pin....I just love all of it.

 Got any good plans for the weekend? I'm just gonna stick around the house and do house things and since my daughter has moved, I'm taking over her bedroom for my crafts...yea...more I should be able to organize a bit. 
Here's a few pics from last fall. Just gorgeous nature.

Ok...that's all folks....until next time

*Hugs* Kathy


Trish-Ladybug said...

Kathy, Great Swap from over at
CCPG Forum, So Fallish!Glad you are enjoying yourself on the Board
Deb T.(Admin) does awesome job!!

Love all your Photos, Are those Red
Maple Acorns,?? One thing I miss about the Midwest are all the Changing Seasons and the Country Folks..Favorite Photo is the Big Red House.. :_) Thanks for sharing

Prm Blessings Have wonderful

Susan Graham said...

It’s a pretty interesting tool. I will definitely be using it once I get the chance. Thanks for sharing!

rustic tables said...

Ah! I bought the exact same shelves from Target and had the EXACT same problem! I actually tore up my receipt from Target, rolled it into a few small balls and shoved it in the holes on the back of the shelf. Worked like a charm. Great minds.... :)

Susan Graham