Monday, May 24, 2010

BookSneeze Book Review: Storm Warning..Billy Graham

With all the disaster in the world today, wanting to know more of what is to become of t he world intrigues me. I want to know! Will humans survive all of what's to become of earth and mankind? Will there be total devastation?
Billy Grahams "Storm Warning" is an updated release from 1992. In his writings, he talks about the warning signs we are getting in today's society and what is yet to come. The revelations that he speaks of tells us to mind God and do what he wants us to accomplish and how to live a righteous life. reaching out to those that need help and comfort, the sick, elderly, babies, each other that may need comfort and aide. Talking with others about doing God's will and reaching out to those who have not accepted God into their life; showing them that there is acceptance, guidance and and teachings we all can abide and use in our lives. Even though we do not know when or how it is coming, trusting in the Lord and turning to God as you read the Bible will enhance your understanding in that God is the way for strength and life.

Very good reading...Buy it, go to the library and see if they have a copy.........then pass it along.

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Lea said...

So nice to meet you!!
I haven't read this book but it sounds like a good one and couldn't agree more. I'm gonna keep my eyes open for the book.
Have a beeeautiful day!