Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

So far today the weather has been gorgeous. Big, white, fluffy clouds and sun, a little windy, but I'll take it. Went to flea market this morning and I guess because of the threat of major rain, there wasn't that many vendors. Boy, I bet they were kicking themselves in the butt for that, there was lots of people walking around. Of course I did not find anything. The things that I did like were way out of my league. I definitely need to venture out of my county to look for different types of flea markets. Every year I go to the same ones and every year it is the same people with the same junk, and I do mean junk, trying to make a killing. I have to laugh at some of the things people try to get money for. Unbelievable!

Well, gonna head outside and enjoy the nice weather before it comes to an end.

You all have a great day

God Bless


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