Monday, February 8, 2010

Friday was the last day....

It has been since Friday without electric here. Talk about boring and having to live the simpler life.

We used candles and I had an oil lamp, thank GOD I have a coal furnace for heat. We got 12+ inches of snow by Saturday morning. I finally had to clean out the refrigerator because the food didn't last even though I was putting snow in to try and keep it cold.

The electric finally came on about 2 hours ago. Oh, let there be light!

Got a lot of catchin up to do on the computer.

The weather man says 4-8 more inches tomorrow night. I'm prepared for sure now.

Take care and keep warm.


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KKL Primitives said...

Good morning neighbor Kathy! ;)
All is quiet outside but they are still calling for for that 4-8 inches today. We did get 22" on Saturday. Cars are still stranded and/or stuck all over. Tons of tree limbs and branches are still where they fell on Saturday except for the ones that fell in the streets. Our power flickered off and on a couple times yesterday, but they are still on ( keeping fingers crossed).
You keep warm too!!! So glad you got your power back!! woo hooo!!

~Neenee~ from Pittsburgh