Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am so not a happy camper....

Hey everyone,

Since last week, I have found out that I am now a diabetic that is taking medication for that, high cholesterol, and a UTI. I have have to change my diet down to practically what the rabbits eat.

This is soo hard to do and I've done it drastically, so now I am having carbohydrate withdraw. Needless to say between the medications ( of which I have never had to take medication for anything but a migraine and that was Excedrin) and the withdraw of carbs, I can scream, and I have!

I have snipped off Ed's head quite a few times which I do not mean to but he at times takes it like I do mean it. He does get irritable at times w hen things have to be done and he just doesn't do them. I am the one always taking the initiative to get things done...he is lazy! He does work long hours but it is only 3 days a week, sometimes 4 (12 hr shifts) So when I say something...he goes in the room and shuts the door and gets on the computer. Somethings gotta change...and soon. I feel like I'm the only one that can do anything here. My kids included along with Ed. URGH!!!!

Anyway, back to the carb withdrawal. I do get fruit or yogurt and some diet pepsi in but that just doesn't get it. I also have to start loosing weight because I am hoping to get approved for gastric bypass. Over the years the weight and depression just creeped (?) up on me and now I have to do something about it. I am so frustrated lately.

If anyone knows of a web that may have some low cal, low sugar sweets recipes that I may try, please let me know. I am beside myself and it's only been a week. OOPS! Just thought about it, I can have jello...whooohoooo!

CRANKY, IRRITABLE, SNAPPY, GRUMPY, MEAN and I could just lock myself in the closet!

Any ideas that can help me through this adjusting time, please let me know. I don't like the way I am lately.




Willow said...

Kathy honey sorry to read about your troubles. I feel for ya' I truly do ! Not sure about the recipes.....My MIL was a terrible diabetic...she did the shots twice a day and I'm not sure if my SIL has any of her diabetic cookbooks still or not ? I'll ask and maybe if she does I can pass along a few recipes to ya'.
Hang in there and hey.......vent when ya' need to ! It does the mind good to get it off your chest.
Prim Huggs n Blessins

katscountryprims said...

Sorry to hear this....I too am diabetic. Found out on my birthday when I was in the hospital for something else. I actually argued with the nurse...telling her that I was NOT diabetic. But I had actually thought that I was for quite awhile. I changed my eating habits drastically...was eating salads before dinner to give me that full feeling...everything in that salad except meat. I learned to like them...and actually looked forward to that salad with mushrooms, boiled eggs, black and green olives, tomato, salad sprinkles and croutons. I can tell you how to make the most wonderful sugar free cheesecake this side of the Mississippi...LOL...I eat them alot...AND I dropped about 30 pounds within 3 months...Well...of course...I was eating RABBIT will get used to it...and learn to adapt...let me know if you would like that is totally awesome!

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

I am sorry you are going through a rough time. You may want to check out this website, along with some recipes, it's full of lots of information on healthy eating. I follow a vegan vegetarian diet and there are lots of great tasting dishes to eat that are also good for you. The site is

katscountryprims said...

I will post that cheesecake recipe on my blog for can just copy it. You will almost think you are cheating your diet...but you are is heavenly!