Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am so not a happy camper....

Hey everyone,

Since last week, I have found out that I am now a diabetic that is taking medication for that, high cholesterol, and a UTI. I have have to change my diet down to practically what the rabbits eat.

This is soo hard to do and I've done it drastically, so now I am having carbohydrate withdraw. Needless to say between the medications ( of which I have never had to take medication for anything but a migraine and that was Excedrin) and the withdraw of carbs, I can scream, and I have!

I have snipped off Ed's head quite a few times which I do not mean to but he at times takes it like I do mean it. He does get irritable at times w hen things have to be done and he just doesn't do them. I am the one always taking the initiative to get things done...he is lazy! He does work long hours but it is only 3 days a week, sometimes 4 (12 hr shifts) So when I say something...he goes in the room and shuts the door and gets on the computer. Somethings gotta change...and soon. I feel like I'm the only one that can do anything here. My kids included along with Ed. URGH!!!!

Anyway, back to the carb withdrawal. I do get fruit or yogurt and some diet pepsi in but that just doesn't get it. I also have to start loosing weight because I am hoping to get approved for gastric bypass. Over the years the weight and depression just creeped (?) up on me and now I have to do something about it. I am so frustrated lately.

If anyone knows of a web that may have some low cal, low sugar sweets recipes that I may try, please let me know. I am beside myself and it's only been a week. OOPS! Just thought about it, I can have jello...whooohoooo!

CRANKY, IRRITABLE, SNAPPY, GRUMPY, MEAN and I could just lock myself in the closet!

Any ideas that can help me through this adjusting time, please let me know. I don't like the way I am lately.



Friday, January 22, 2010

Unfortunitely it happened...

Hello to all.

Well, it finally happened. I have been to the doctor's yesterday and I had to do a blood test today. The bad news is that I am now diabetic. I had a feeling something was going on and now it is confirmed. Not having to do the insulin shots but possibly the pills next week. I got a glucose meter and have to record my sugar until Monday when my doctor wants to see me again for some other tests that she wants to further check on.

I discussed with her the weight loss surgery and I have to call and make an appointment with the Pittsburgh facility that my insurance will accept. That kind of surgery they do not do in my area. I will have to travel about 50 miles to the hospital. If all goes well with the initial visit I may have the surgery in June/July. I first have to make an effort to loose some weight in 6 months. Knowing that I am now diabetic, it has got me going.

On a lighter note, my niece had her baby yesterday at 2;23 pm. She weighs 6lb 12oz and 18 1/2 inches. She is such a little peanut, bot oh so precious. She has a headful of dark hair and she's so tiny,lol. I call her peanut and sweet potato. She is my second great niece since Oct. 2009...the third one is due in March

Here she is and her name is Marlena. Second, is Amy giving her the first taste of gluclose water....she didn't want it at first...she was resting, lol. Thirdly, is Todd (daddy) and finally Amy an hour and a half after birth...she was awake for and in labor for 24 hours. Needless to say...she was tired.

Well, that's all that has been happening as of late.

Everyone have a great weekend and keep safe and warm.

Many blessings,


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just a little ramblin'

It has been snowing, and snowing, and snowing here in SW PA. It's the pretty kinda snow that you like to sit by the window and watch while you are nice and cozy indoors.

It seems as though a lot of you are trying to simplify and make things easier for the new years. I, myself, am going to truly downsize the rest of my home because lately it's been starting to look like the program Hoarders, lol.

I got side tracked back in September when I got sick and I just couldn't get back into the swing or motivation to clean out the closets and so on. I have been saving things in plastic bins hoping to one day get to make-overs and re-dos but just didn't get them done.

Some of the things I have re-donated and some are still waiting. I still have some health issues to deal with and I am hoping that they will be taken care of soon. I would love to get back to my old self again.

Haven't been going anywhere. With the roads either bad in the early morning or late at night, Ed takes my Jeep to work. His Honda isn't quite safe to go 30 miles one way for work. He works 12 hour shifts either 6a-6p or 6p-6a so he has to have something that will get there and back. He makes glass for these huge buildings over seas. Right now he has been working on glass for Shanghai. Another had been for a recent building in China. To bad it wasn't for some thing in the states.

Over at, there is a free download of vintage Valentines. I love the look of old Valentines day cards. I had some about a year or so that was from my great aunts but I had sold them on Ebay back then. I wish that I had saved them instead.
I wish I had a pic or two to post of something new but nothing new.

So with that little chit chat I will say to all

Have a great evening