Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve at my sisters

Hello to all!
My sister made lasagna, salad, and buns with Christmas cookies of all sorts. We all gathered in her living room which is hard for all of us to get in there. We have very small rooms.

This is my sister opening her gifts up

This is John, bil, and my daughter Ashley.

This is Amy, my niece, and Todd, her bf, and her baby is due in February.

This is Christina, Mariah's mommy- in the back ground, and my daughter Ashley.

This is Miss Mariah, such a precious baby....

Mariah was getting sleepy so her Daddy put her in the swing.

Mariah's Daddy, Buddy aka Roger Jr. opening his gifts

This is my son, Tim, and his girlfriend Andrea

I hope everyone's Christmas was joyous. Now comes the New Year.

Many blessings and good fortune for all.


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