Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great soup recipe for fall

How's everyone been doing? The weather here is sure chillin'. I have to step it up and get outside for some clean-up. Leaves and other things are blowing in to the yard.

Still haven't been feeling up to par. I had the breathing test and it wasn't good so now I have to inhale SPIRIVA once a day.
My daughter finally graduated as a Massage Therapist a few weeks ago with high honors. She's such a trip. WHen it was her turn to go up and receive her diploma, their angle was in the opposite directions for a picture so I yelled out "this way Ash!, and you'll never guess what she did.......she yelled back..."What Ma!" The whole audience laughed and the Dean laughed saying "she really wants that picture doesn't she, lol." Here's a few pics. She hates her picture taken.

The last photo is where everyone is laughing...............

My son and his girlfriend and I took her to Red Lobster for dinner afterward. She's glad school is over, now the fun begins....a job. She wants to start out on her own but I told her to work for someone first to get some experience together and then go one by herself.

Came across this recipe and thought I would post it....It's from Lots of great recipes on there.

This recipe is awesome. Now that the weather is getting chilly, I love to eat soup. This recipe is a keeper.

I'm hoping to get out and take some local picts of the area and the color changing. This weekend is supposed to be ok so maybe then I can do that.

Well not much more happenin. I hope you all have a great rest of the week.

Smiles and hugs,



Loretta said...

Congratulations on your daughter's graduation. My son is studying to be a Physical Therapy Assistant and can't wait to graduate and start working.
I hope your breathing problem eases and you're feeling better soon. Hugs, Loretta

Amy said...

Congrats to your daughter!

mornings322 said...

Thank you.