Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday and ramblings

This is my dear daughter who is celebrating her 19th birthday today.
After she was done with school, she wanted to go to Chinese for dinner so we went over there and had a good meal and conversation. She didn't want a birthday cake so we ate a little square of cake from the buffet. The only thing she wanted for her birthday was a microphone headset for her computer so over to Staples we went. She found one for $22
dollars so I hope it works ok if not back it goes and we will try another brand.

It was rainy most of the day but now it is 7pm and the sun is shining brightly. Not a common sight, lol.

Our local county fair is in the upswing as of yesterday. I runs thru until Aug. 8th I believe. Ed and I are going to check it out probably tomorrow or Sunday. There's a local band that plays great oldies and Bucky Covington from American Idol is there one evening so it will be interesting to hear him sing. Of course I have to try the funnel cakes and pork sandwiches that a local town sells. They are always good. I like to see who wins the ribbons for canning, sewing, and all of the homemade items that people enter into the contests. I always s ay I am going to also and never have yet.... maybe next year.

The Steelers training camp is also going on in Latrobe, at St. Vincent College. I love football and would really love to go see them practice. Maybe I can get Ed to take me there. I have been wanting to go for years.

I see that alot of fall and Halloween creations are popping up on blogs. I't hard to believe that this year has gone by so fast.

I haven't really been thrift shopping lately. I have cut way back in realizing that I have no room for what I buy. I have things in bins waiting to be finished and they may end up being winter projects.

Well, it's the beginning of the weekend and I hope everyone enjoys themselves.

Take care and be safe.

Smiles and hugs



Libby said...

Stopping by from SPFH! Happy birthday to your daughter :) I hope the headphones work :) Have fun at the fair. I always tell myself that I will enter something in our state fair also but I never do. One day I will get around to it

Loretta said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! We just had our county fair this past week but the weather was horrible, storms every day (even a tornado which we almost never get in NY). This year is flying by. Soon the college kids will be leaving home again and my fall decor will be going up. I've cheated and put up a few things already :) Have a great weekend! Hugs, Loretta

Juanita said...

Hey Kathy!
I have been MIA for awhile and wanted to stop in and check on ya and say HEY! Happy B-day to your daughter and have a blessed day!

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Oh, so sorry I missed this post, Kathy!
I can't keep up with everyone :(
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter!
Hope ya enjoyed the fair...ours hasn't started yet...
What about this crappy weather???? What's up with that? ;)

Have a great weekend.