Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I bought some stuff today

I haven't been to GW and Saint Vincent DePaul thrift store for about a week. I think it's better that way since I was able to find some things today.
I found two soft hair brushes for .30 cents apiece, candles for .30 cents, long wooden box (?)$1.00, heart wire courting candle, .30 cents, tall candle holder-stamped on bottom-Williamsburg pottery, $1.99, small pitcher same-.99 cents and the mug-.99 cents.

Now the big item that I have been looking for...... $3.99! I had to have it. With some re-doing on it and it will be great!

It seems as if when the warm weather arrives...time just flies on by. It's hard to believe that it is the middle of June already. All the projects I want to get done just might not make it this year.

My daughter laughs at me...I went and bought one of those pools that you just set and fill and the sides rise up....It's maybe 30" deep, so she laughs and says "Why'd you buy that?" My response is....It's for me! I can not take the heat whatsoever so I thought I could at least cool off when it's to unbearable for me...I bought an air mattress...what I call a floatee and plan on cooling off when it gets put up.

I came across these two sites. There's some good recipes on there.



Ed got layed off two weeks ago from Guardian in West Elizabeth. He makes glass windows for buildings and autos. Well today, they called and asked him to come in to work a certain machine for 8 hours. He's been talking to a few of his buddies and they also have been called in for a shift of eight hours on other days. He said he couldn't turn them down because he did file for unemployment so he had to go in but it doesn't make sense at all. The company has been trying to mess with them for quite awhile so he doesn't quite know what to make of it but to go in and work so that he can still get his unemployment. His buddy told him today there's a union meetin tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

My dad hurt his back this week. He's 71 and thinks he can do and lift like he used to. He doesn't look he age but he always insists on keepin busy. I agree with that part, just no the liftin of very heavy things. He gets that sciatica in his legs too. So, he went to the chiropractor that he went to years ago that helped him.....well this time he said he has worn out his disks and don't know if he can help a great deal. Stubborn as my dad is...which is good sometimes...he'll work it out he says. So, he has togo back on Thursday for another treatment. I told him that if it straightens out this time for him again, that he better just take it easy. He likes to fiddle around in his garage with stuff and usually no one is around for when he wants something done therefore he does it himself in stead of waiting until Ed's here or my son. Geeezzzzz, stubborn, and I'm just like him, LOL!

Well, here's hopin everyone has a joyous week.

Take care!


wrcdgc said...

I hope your Dad gets better. Sorry about your hubby it's tough out there and all some of us have is our unemployment. Companies pretty much do what they want anymore and we have to be the one's that deal with all the crap. I hope he finds a new job soon. I started a new job this week it took me almost 7 months.


LeeHillPrimitives said...

Nice findings. Love the bucket.

ohiofarmgirl said...

I am going to check out the old recipe site...sounds like a good one.
Also...my dh works at Guardian here in Ohio. They are always trying to do something here to the workers. Our Guardian doesn't have a union...but you must...HUMMM...they threatened to close the plant if they brought in a union.
You have a nice blog. Dianntha