Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a scare!

Yesterday it wasn't raining in the mid morning hours so AI decided to go out and pull some weeds around where the pond is. So I'm out there but I can still hear the phone ringing, and I asked Ed if he was expecting a call from anyone and he said no and I wasn't either, so we let the machine get it. Low and behold I can here someone saying I'm at the hospital emergency room........YIKES!!! So I run in and listen to the message and it's my Dad saying that he's there and that's it...nothing more. So here I go running around thinking the worst of course because my dad never goes to the hospital or even likes to go to the doctor. Mind you he is 71. To him, they just want your money. So I hurry and change my clothes and grab my purse and out the door I went, trying not to race there and it's about 15 miles away. So off I go and I get there and I'm walking to find where to go because they are renovating the place and I find him setting in the waiting area...he had been there since 12 noon and it was about 2 at this time. I live right next door and you would think he would say something, go figure. Well anyway, I sit down trying not to show panic and say "what's wrong?" He had been feeling sick lately and had gone to see the doctor and took some medicine, but he just couldn't shake the cough, constant coughing. So he said he went to one of the MedExpress' as they call them here where there is no waiting. They took xrays and said that he had to go right now over to the hospital because there was something on his chest there he went. Why in the world couldn't he of said something in the message that that was why he was there.....but noooooooo,lol, scare me to death. So we waited another hour and a half before we were all done, total time12 noon -5:30 pm.........basically just waiting for this and that and then results. The result was that his white blood cells were a little high and that he may have s ome pneumonia started. They gave him some prescriptions to fill and he went home and I went to Walmart to fill them. Oh brother did I wait there.....I was disgusted. It took them what was supposed to be a 35 minute wait that turned into an hour and a half. Not that they we significantly busy or anything just SSSlllllooooowwwwww as a turtle. So there I was.....scared to death and frustrated by the time I got back home....but dad is doing better today....thank goodness and I hope he never does that again.

Have a good Sunday



Woods Olde Homestead said...

Oh wow not fun...glad to hear your dad is ok
Prim Blessings...

Two Mile Creek Primitives said...

Oh I hear ya, My parents did something like this to me about 27 years ago. My Dad had, had 2 heart valves replaced and then got prostate cancer, but was still able to function normal. While my Hubbie and I were bowling on our Sunday night league Hubbie gets a page... Well I knew it was my Mom and for some reason she didn't want me to hear what happened. I ran to the phone and grabbed it befroe my Hubbie could and yep, it was my Mom..asked for my hubbie and I yelled NO you tell ME!. Well she took Dad to the Er because his heart was beating way to fast and wouldn't slow down at home... not to worry ( ya right) but come to the ER when I am done bowling. Well to my Dad Bowling was the single most important thing in the world..he lived to bowl. So we were in the 4th frame of the last game and we decided to bowl out and leave right away. I threw 7 strikes in a row got a 244 scratch game and flew out the door. Got to the ER parking lot and here are my parents SKIPPING out of the ER hand in hand like 2 school kids.... OH False alarm.. Dad's fine had a bit of indigestion...!AWWWW! well my Dad has been gone 24 years now , Mom is 83... and this last bowling season I got a higher game on March 9 , I threw 256 scratch game..and I am glad as now I can remember my high game with a smile and not some scary zip zip bowl out drive to the ER, and worry day.
Hugs Rene

Kath said...

Glad your dad is ok!

Congrats on (soon) becoming a great Aunt!!! I'll bet you're a "GREAT" aunt already tho ;)

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend girl!!
HAPPY MOTHER'S Day!'s that pond comin???