Monday, May 11, 2009

Pond in the making and a rainbow

Here are a few pics from tonight. A faint rainbow and my pond in the making if and when the rain stops, lol. There's also a pic of some baby Canadian geese along a river where I went this past weekend to check out about doing some camping at.

Well, I hear thunder in the background, guess I'll do what I can do before it gets here. Everyone have a good evening.

Until next time......

I just had to come back and add what came a little later after the rainbow.....are you ready for this????? Take a look! Is this not the month of May? It's hail the size of small peas, lol....unbelievable. They say it's going down to 36 tonight with a frost possibility.


wrcdgc said...

Your pond is coming around nicely. I know you will really enjoy it when it's completed.


Kath said...

Oh boy! You're gonna LOVE your pond!!
how deep is it?
are you gonna have fishy's in it??? :)
I think as long as it's 18" (or more)deep you can, and they will survive over winter.
My small pond is about 18" and mine survived ok...I had to move them all to the big pond tho...I start with 3 and they made the little pond wasn't big enough!

Can't beleive you guys got hail!
I see Erie got really bad winds and had damage. We had wind, and some rain...nothing bad tho.

Have a great day, Kathy!