Friday, March 27, 2009

Working on some re-dos this weekend

Haven't had much time for anything lately. I did get somethings from GW and the St Vincent DePaul. I will get some paint tomorrow and start doing some make-overs. Gonna try and make two signs with free hand lettering. Hopefully they will turn out.
Rain is scheduled for this weekend...not steadily though...good thing. Cool front coming later Sunday.....Brrrrr.

Here is a pic of some of the things I got the other day... This first pic is the recipe holder that I have already re-did and the bottom pic is what I found that day. The recipe holder is in the pic. The crocheted doily I got at St. Vincent for .50 cents. The little chair, believe it or not was only .50 too. When I saw it I grabbed it. I want to get a dolly and set it on there when I am finished with it. Not sure if I want to do anything with the rabbit and sheep. I kinda like them the way they are. Gotta take some more pics of the other things which I will do later but for now...this is what I'm working on.

Stay tuned, LOL, for further re-dos!!!


Kath said...

Hey girl!
Love your recipe holder!
Can't wait to see your other re-dos!
Lookin forward to seeing your sign too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi, Kathy!
I'm going to have to try the St. Vincents, my daughter used to work at the bank near there but still never went in:)
Love the recipe box and the cute little chair.

mornings322 said...

Thanks Kath, The sign might not get done until next week...went to Lowes and got some paint and other things and have to make another trip. I should know better than to plan doing something, lol, it always gets changed!

Rondell, do go stop and check it out. But beware around the first of the's like a mad house in there in the morning.

The St. Vincents is like all the others...sometimes you find some goodies and sometimes not. It all depends who is volunteering. Most of them take m ore than put on the floor. There is this one lady, she's only there once a week and boy does she put the items out. It m ay have been on Wednesday that she was there this week...not sure what her steady day is. I usually stop around 2-2:30 right before I pick my daughter up from LBI.

Have you gone to the Laurel Mall flea market yet? I went last week and there are some people that have old things, some are high but I bet you can giggle them down a bit if they really need to make a sale.

Carmen C. said...

Great finds! I LOVE the little bunny on wheels, SOOO cute! Great recipe box, too:)