Thursday, March 5, 2009

Warm and wonderful

Oh it's gonna be a nice day today. Sun shining, and warmer temps. I haven't had anything to post since last Thursday. Last Friday was my Dad's 71st birthday. We are so happy. All five of his brothers died before they turned 70 so I am so thankful to God that he is with us. He's the best.

Have plenty of running to do today. Took my daughter to school, will pick her up at 11:00, have lunch at Chinese, and stop at the thrifty store before her Dr. appt. I told her his morning that when I go for my license pic renewal, she is going to take her test for her driving permit. She's 18, in secondary school so she needs to get to driving instead of me taking her back and forth. She agreed.

Went for a ride on Sunday and came across this mail pouch barn. Not many of them around but I do know where there are a few still yet. Passed this baby cow too. It was so cute standing there watching us take a pic of him/her. Momma wasn't to far away watching. Sooo cute! And then there was this horse at the end of the road. Kinda different looking with all the spots so I had to take a pic.

Well times getting short. Must get things together and get moving.
You all have a great day! Until next time,


Sue said...

What do they sell in the Mail Pouch Barn....Love the horse....My daughter has 4 horses on her ranch....Going to Owatonna today to the salvation army store and hope to find something good....
Take care

mornings322 said...

Hi Sue...Nothing is sold in the mail pouch barn. It is a long tradition that farmers had painted on the sides of their barns for advertisement of Mail Pouch Chewing Tobacco. Some let the ad fade away where as others have them painted once worn away.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

It was a beautiful day wasn't it? Love the pic of the animals and the sign on the barn is so familar to me!
Have a great evening,

Kath said...

Love your pics! Love the barn photo!
The old Mail Pouch barn ads are fading out fast!
Ya think SPRING is here?? I'm thinkin we may get one more blast of winter :(
We always get a St. Patty's snow!