Thursday, March 19, 2009

No good finds lately

Maybe when people do their spring cleaning the thrift stores will pick up on items. I've watched employees walk out with a buggy and only have 6 items to put on the shelves. Just what do they do back behind those doors? I usually hear carrying on, laughing, but hey...I say... bring us the goods! LOL!

I saw some daffodils in someone's yard recently. What a beautiful site. Mine are coming out of the ground and haven't bloomed yet for me. I planted them about two years ago. Maybe they will this year. I bought a box of wildflower seeds from the Dollar General. I'm gonna just toss them around and see what happens. I love wildflowers.

Bought a bag of speckled jelly beans and I see more and more different kinds of tastes in them on the shelves anymore. It used to be from what I can remember just plain solid colors and flavored plain. I love the green ones that taste like mint. The worst flavor? The black ones....eewwwww! I never did like licorice flavor. I also like the robin eggs which are malted milk balls covered in a thin layer of chocolate and pastel colors. Love those. I can remember always getting a little toy in my baskets. I did the same for my kids too except I found them giving me a list of things they wanted as the years went by. Big items like Nintendo games and such. It almost became like Christmas, lol.

It's 6:15 pm here and the sun is shining but cool with some wind. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, 74 and sun. Perfect! I could live with that all year long.

Well gotta run and finish a few things before bed time.
Hope you all have a nice evening.....Until the next time...

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