Monday, March 30, 2009

I've been wanting this for a long time

Finally, Finally! I got to start on my pond that I have been wanting for years. My BIL said he would do it (for a fee, of course) and this past weekend we got started on getting the material together. Today after work when I got home he had most of it done. Mind you, it's nothing elaborate but it does have a small waterfall and we are making a barrel waterfall on Wednesday. I can't wait until it's all done. I will definitely post a pic when it is all the say finished.

Well, just a short post to say what I have been up to. Stay tuned for the finished pic!


Susan said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I'm gonna add you to my list and I'll be back. Looking forward to seeing pics of your pond.

Kath said...

Oh boy!!! I can't wait!!!
You're gonna love it! ;)
I think I am more excited than you are...LOL! Well, maybe not, but I am pretty excited and can't wait to see it. We put a couple of ponds in, one sorta big one and a small one. I just love them, so relaxing to sit out by them and hear the water.
I am tickled for ya, girl!
how deep is it gonna be, deep enough to have a few fish?

Have a great day!

mornings322 said...

Hi Kath,
Yes it will be deep enough for a few fish. I'm such the nature person. I told Ed that I will be sitting on the side when it's hot and dangling my feet in the water, lol. I have the main waterfall and then we are adding a barrel that will have a waterfall excited to get it finished. I will definitely show pics when it's finished.
Have a good day! Suns a shining!!!