Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

But done on a Wednesday. Yesterday I stopped at the thrift store after I took my daughter to school. There hasn't been to much there lately. The one fella that volunteers there says all the good stuff goes out the back door. I don't know it that happens in other places but these people that volunteer make sure they get picks and then put out what they don't want. To me it's like stealing because they only pay what they want to give for the items and even though the p rices are good there, it's still not right. These ladies consider themselves as church going abiders that help the less fortunate. Well then don't take what you want and donate what you want when you can put the item out on the floor and get more for it is what I say. It really p****s me off. Ok, sorry about that, It really makes me mad though.

Back to the thrifty finds...

The candlestick , $.50,I will paint black, and the recipe card stand $.50,I'm not sure what I will do with it. The pic frames, $.50/piece, I will leave be and the jar, $1.99, I will put a label and some homespun on the lid. The curtains that are on the door I got for $1.99.
I can't wait for it to get warm and all the sales to start up again. I know I will have a lot of stuff to get rid of. MUST SIMPLIFY!!!! I am a true pack rat and this home is not able to keep everything that I want so I will have a sale for sure. Lots of material and stuff that I pick up and then don't know what to do with.

I have a very small hallway that leads to my basement and I thought about building a small closet in there to store my mop, broom and sweeper instead of it just sitting out there in the way. I am going to attempt this myself, lol. A few two by fours and some nails and I should have a nice closet to put them in. Cross my fingers on that one...I can do it though.

Well, that's all for now...maybe some more later. Must get my assignments done.
Everyone have a good day!



Sue said...

I agree with you about them taking all the good stuff first...That is given to not only make money but to bring in more traffic...The more traffic you have the more sales....Just makes sense....Good luck on your building project...when I want something done I just work my grandkids into doing it for me...

Kath said...

Oh ya got some nice stuff there ;)
Good luck with your project!
...a few 2x4's + some nails + one determined gal= a new closet! :)

Have a super weekend!

BTW-I can visit just fine now!

mornings322 said...

Thanks for stopping in.

I'm glad you're able to stop in again.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Hi Kathy!
I'm so glad that you stopped by! You found some wonderful goodies at the thrift store.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

What great finds!!!!

M ^..^

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Kathy!
Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you are so close:) Small world!

The Country Store is located right off of I-70... when you come to the stop sign there is a BP/McDonalds right in front of you, make a right and go all the way up to the stop sign, turn left and there will be a red light, go straight and it will be on your left. It has a burgundy colored awning, they are closed on Mon. and Tues. then opened from 12:30 to 5PM now I don't know if these hours are winter hours or not, she has another store at her home that is located right past the Newell Crossroads, it is closed though until April. I hope this helps you, I'm not the greatest on directions but these were easy.LOL
Where do you go to the TS at? Is there one near that I don't know about?
Here is my email...rondell1951(at)hotmail(dot)com
Have a great start to your week tomorrow:)

This simple Life said...

I here your frustration about the volunteers taking the good stuff. I was in a TS and found the cutest little outfit of my daughter. There was no price on it and when I asked the cashier she actually said out loud " This is too good to be in here, this should be over in my Boutique". And then she quoted me some ridiculously high price and didn't even wait for me to responds ,she put it in a box under her counter. I told her to hold on a minutes because I wanted to buy it. Boy did she look upset. I paid too much for it just to spite her.

lovetheprimlook said...

What wonderful finds !!!