Thursday, February 12, 2009

Received give-away and nasty weather

The wicked winds that came from Oklahoma manages to swirl around in my neck of the woods. Last nights wind speed was clocked at 87 mph. No wonder my living room window blew out. Yes, as the wind hit the area, my daughter and I heard this crash and we both ran to the living room. I have an old window in there about the size of 4x6 double sided. Low and be hold the dang thing blew outward. Thank goodness. So I was running around trying to find plastic and good ole duct tape to fix it for time being. This morning I went and asked my dad if he could possibly fix it and he said he would try. Later today he called back and said he couldn't, so he took it to the glass store. I's gonna take a week, special order, double pane and at the cost of $97. OOUUUCCCHHHH!!!!!!
I hope that never happens again.
Here's my pathetic boarding up of the window, lol.

It's so strange the weather around here anymore. Don't know what to expect next.

I entered a give-away for Valentine's day over at where I am a member, and I won! This is what I received yesterday... Heaven....I'm in heaven.....
Thank you so much ladies!
If you haven't stopped over there yet....go and take a peek. It's a wonderful place with a wonderful bunch of ladies!!!
Well, gonna call it a night. It's been a long day.
Everyone have a good night and enjoy tomorrow....It's FRIDAY!!!!!

Smiles and Hugs...Kathy


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I'm glad you are all okay and know one was hurt:0
Congrats on your winning the giveaway...always nice to recieve happy stuff in the mail:)

Kath said...

Hi Kathy
Happy Valentine's Day!

WOW, that would've scared me to death!! I'm glad no one got was bad here too, we lost power, and some places near us are still without elec.
Looks like you got lots of goodies in that giveaway!! Enjoy! :)

Have a great weekend