Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My first mini stitchin and great grandfather

I don't do much stitchin' but I would like to try a sampler next. I did this little Simplify over the weekend and I found my great grandfathers picture from when he worked in the mine just below where I live. I put them together on my mantle.

I hope everyone's weekend was a good one. We had to get another washer so there was a lot of laundry to catch up on. This one is a lot bigger so I can fit more in it.

Tomorrow it is suppose to get up to 70 degrees here but with thundershowers. Totally unheard of in February in this area. Wasn't to bad today. Rainy though.

My daughter's enjoying her first week of classes for massage therapy. She said it was her turn for a massage today, ohhhhh just wait until she has to practice on someone...I'm first in line, lol.

Found a few more thrift finds this weekend. Not to much to be found. I do like the BATH sign with cast iron hooks for the bathroom. The teapot with the chicken on top, I don't think it goes on there but that's how I bought it. I think I will roll up washcloths and put them in the basket and the muffin pan , not sure just yet.

I might have time tomorrow to stop at goodwill when I got to pick up my daughter from school. It all depends.

I have a glass jar with a plastic lid and I want to fill it with something I just don't know what yet. Something prim though. Maybe some little ornies that I can put together like little shamrocks or something. I would use hearts but heck that day is almost here already and I don't think I would have them done in time.

Well I'm gonna go and see if I have some material for those shamrocks and maybe make a pattern for them.

You all have a good night and a super day tomorrow.

Until next time,


Kath said...

Hi Kathy-love your stitchery!! Nice job!
Those pictures are so neat, I love old pictures!
Great finds!

Enjoy your day-Kath

Debbie J. said...


I love the stitchery! I really like the way you have arranged it with the picture of your great grandfather and the barn star. Good Job!