Saturday, February 21, 2009

Here's my BunBun!!!!

I started working on this and winged the pattern last night and I finished it at 2am. I call him my bun bun, lol. I wanted a prim look to him. Now I think I am going to try a duck of some sort. This was fun to make! I love his tail.

Did some thrifting today and found some good things. Places were so busy though.

There was a snot that THOUGHT I was moving so that she could see the shirts that I was looking at first....NOT!!!! She actually had the gaul to sigh right in my face as if that was gonna move Believe me, I bit my tongue...trying to be a good girl, lol. Sometimes I think people don't even need to be acknowledged of their presence.

Finally got the window replaced that blew out about a week ago. Let's hope that doesn't happen again. To costly. Should of just bought a new total window, oh well.

The winds p ickingup here and can't complain about the weather today. Was so sunny this morning. It puts you in a good mood. Clouds took over though. They say snow again on the way tonight. We'll see when we wake up.

Well that's all for now. Gonna get somethings done before the day is over.

You all have a good evening!

Until next time,


Kath said...

Awhhhh Bun Bun is too cute :)
Greaet job!

Enjoy your weekend!


Sue said...

I can remember staying up to the wee hours of the morning to finish something.....No more do I do that...Just too pld for it....I feel the same way about people that shouldn't be rcognized....I don't like it when people stop to gossip in the middle of a aisle and no one can get by them to shop....Like your Bum Bum

miss mary said...

wow bun bun is really cute. what a great job.
hi, just stopping in for a look-see. have a blessed sunday