Thursday, February 26, 2009

A few finds for this week

A few pics of what I found this week in thrifts. My wall with the mirror is a little bare. Possibly add something above? A shelf maybe? The America and Crow pics below were great finds, $2/piece, got lucky on those. The star boxes and the apple scented whatchamacallit, reeds, that's it, lol, smells awesome. I have it by the door and when you walk in you can smell it. The small wooden bowls are really awesome. On the back it says from Anchorage Alaska....Any ideas of what to do with them? Please let me know. The big bowl has a shiny whatever on it and I would like it to be without the shine so maybe I can sand it? Would love suggestions on that too. Last but not ROOSTER! I love roosters. I have a candle stick by it that I painted black and they sit in a wooden crate turned sideways. I love crates too. I don't see to many out there in the stores though. Above the rooster is the leg of my old sock monkey found at a flea market. It was a gift. Not quite sure what he is stuffed with...may be socks,lol!

It's 51 degrees here but cloudy. I get so tired of clouds. I like them in the summer with blue skies. Cold and some snow showers again this weekend.......blahhhhhh.

Watching the view and they have these dogs up for adoption......I'll take them all! They are soooo cute! They are dogs that people can no longer take care of because of the economics. It's so sad. And there's one on there that is 11 years old and her owner passed away just 2 days ago. God love them all.

ON a happier note....
Mine is sitting here beside me begging for some carrots and celery with dip. He likes the dip but not the veggie so I gave him 2 small pieces, licked the dip and just swallowed the veggie. I feed him Beneful so maybe he recognizes the veggies, lol.

Well, I have some assignments to get done and I want to start on a stitchin'. I've seen so many but I think I want to make a spring one.

So for now, gonna get going.

Everyone have a good day!


Sue said...

Wish I had your 51 degrees and cloudy skies....It snowed like crap here today, my son totaled his suv and now I have a driveway that needs plowing, walks to shovel and a car to see if it can be fixed or do we have to buy a new one....I am so ready for spring.....You did get some nice stuff and like those bowls....
Happy Thoughts!

Sue said...

It is 9% here now and lots and lots of snow fell in such a short period of time....I see you are in the 50's how nice for you....Went out and sholved the walks and the bird feeding station and put out feed for my feathered friends and of course the furry ones also....Hope you have a wonderful day and weekend..

Shari said...

Love the bowls! They're great! The rooster is pretty cool too! I have a collection of Roosters that were my Grandmothers' and I have recently started my wooden bowl collection.


Mike & Tycie said...

Hey girl,
I noticed that you are a follower of Delightful Dots. I just wanted to send out a comment to let you know about a new site that is similar to DD... If you want, we'd love it if you would check us out!
Thanks for taking the time to read this and possibly giving us a chance!

Kath said...

Hi Kathy!

Love those bowls!!!

Hope you're havin' a great weekend.