Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a tumble

Went to the Dollar general store yesterday, my last stop, and boy I wish I had just gone home. I started walking into the store and BOOM I went flat on my face. I didn't think that my legs and arms could go that way, lol. A lady that was getting into her car came over to help me up and my daughter got out of the car to help. I couldn't get up on my knee it hurt like the dickins so I rolled and then they helped me up. How embarrassing. I went in to the the store to tell them that they needed to put some salt at the end of the sidewalk and she looked at me like so what and rolled her eyes. Wrong thing to do at me woman!!!! So i got what I went in there for and then checked out and she was out collecting the buggies, mind you with an attitude......I felt like pushing her down so she would know what it felt like...and then when I got back into my car this young male came out stood right on top of the ice patch cause it was a big one and sprinkled salt. I wanted to push him too. What would they have done it someone much older fell and broke a hip? I felt like saying that to them but just left with all my aches and soreness. Other than that, my are is a little sore today but it will work it's way out. I really like this lady that is a cashier, she always seemed nice....NOT! We'll see if she says anything the next time I'm in there. SHe didn't even ask if I was alright.....well my opinion has definitely changed of her. Goes to show you people aren't always what they seem to be....Maybe there will be a day that she will fall on ice and it will pop into her head...oh, that must be what that lady felt, lol.
Until tomorrow everyone have a good night!


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