Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome Everyone to my Blog!

After reading all the blogs that I have, I finally decided to try it myself. Hello to all. My name is Kathy and I live in Southwestern PA. I have two children, a son who is 26 and a daughter that is 18. We have a dog, Trey, but we call him Bubba and two cats, baby girl and Tucker. He's the ornery one. I work as a CNA/HHA for the last 11 years and recently started on line college to receive a BS in Human Services. I love helping people in any way that I can. I love doing crafts, thrift stores, flea markets, and decorating in the prim way. In the past I did woodcrafts and sold them when I worked in a hospital but as I went into home health, I cut back on doing those. I hope to move into doing some sewing and making samplers. I just love them. I may venture into selling the items if I feel that I am doing them somewhat decently. The only thing that slows me down from crafting is my hands. I have arthur in them and at times it makes it hard to do anything. I must go on with doing things though. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Well with that all said, I hope as I get the blogging on a roll, everyone decides to visit. There are a lot of friendly blogs that I like to read and I hope that mine will be one also. So here it goes for me and the blogging....Wish me Luck!!!


Kath said...

Hey there! I just stubbled upon your blog! ;) I'm from PA too!!
Good Luck with your new blog! You're off to a great start!!


mornings322 said...

Thanks. It's definitely me stepping out of the box, lol. It's been fun so far.

Smiles and hugs


Kath said...

LOL @ my ownself...I meant to say "stumbled"...not STUBBLED! :)

So we're both from PA and we're both Kathy's!! :) Where are ya in PA?
I'm up close to Lake Erie...
Hope to see ya out and about in blog land. Don't be a stranger.