Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Over the Hump Day!

Well here it is...Wednesday already. Had some running around to do today. Off the rest of the week due to my patient's mother who was 90, passed away. So that gives me a break to catch up on things. Had the financial aid appointment for my daughter to start school in Feb. So much paper work. FIlling out loan papers and for the grants. Everything seems to be going to work out well for her. Thank goodness. Between the three of us, that's myself, Ashley and Tim, we have $80,000 in school loans. Very expensive, but can you really put a price on education? Yes, you can, and they do.
Want to start on some crafts but first need to clean out my bins in the basement that have been sitting around forever. I figure if I haven't used it yet, I better do something with it. I thought about making some wood craft items, that's what I did before and I have the tools to do that with. It would be nothing for me to make some of the prom things that I see on other sites. In fact, I could offer them a little cheaper. Might be something I can do. Maybe make one item and post and see how it goes.
My major classes are going to kick in now that I have gotten the intro ones over. By that I mean on how to write correctly and on critical thinking. I do on line classes for a BS in Human Services. Picked my electives today and for the degree that I am doing, I have to have two math classes.....YIKES!!! I am not good at all in math and the kicker is they are Algebra I and II. Oh boy! Seems like I would know a little about that....wrong....math is the worst for me. Someone can ask me how to take a blood pressure, change a catheter, give an injection or take blood, no problem, but to do math, forget it. That will be a very challenging semester. My intended graduation date in June 27, 2010. Not to much longer to go.
I have a lot of downsizing to do, yes, I am a pack rat, lol. I don't know if I should try to put things on Ebay or not. I have sold a few things on there before but times are slow. The area that I live in, yard sales don't go over to well. You have to go to where they have others selling on Sundays, which is $15 a spot, and if you don't sale lost. This area here everyone is trying to make a killing on their things that I wouldn't pay no more that $10 for. ANd trust me, it's junk. Something that should be thrown away but then again you don't want to add to the global warming so they try to sell this stuff.
I've always tried to buy collectible items. Older things so that maybe on day my kids could sell and keep the money for something so what I have isn't junk. Just stuff someone would want or looking for. Maybe I'll try Ebay and if that doesn't work, I don't know, but I do have to downsize.
Well I hope everyone has a nice evening and keeps warm where ever you are. Keep safe and until next time.....Take care.


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