Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday's here

I can't believe how time flies. All weekend long I was researching for my final projects for the two classes that were ending this weekend. I never stared at a computer so long in my life, lol. Glad those two are over with. On with the next two.

So how's everyone doing and how was your weekend. Here in PA further up north they received a lot of snow, my neck of the woods basically got rain. I have no problem with that, lol.

I keep saying that I want to make a rag quilt and I have everything I need, just have to start cutting my squares. I probably will start on that tonight.

I got a small, I guess you can say quilt rack, at Good will last week and it's white but I want to paint it black and rough if up a bit. It's brand new and I paid $2.00 for it. I will try and post pics later, before and after.

I have the day off and went to the doctors for a check up...I have a touch of bronchitis. Couldn't sleep last night for nothing, coughed all night. SHe gave me a script for meds( which I won't get) and out the door I was. SHe charged me $75 for a half hour visit, that's up from 6 months ago at $66. Yikes, it stinks when you don't have health insurance. She did give me a number for gynecological services that I can get a discount on since I am way past check ups on that area. I definitely
need the mamogram...there is a lump they are watching and as for the's been years. I must call and see what I can have scheduled.

I was wondering what to make for dinner today. I'm not sure what I want...don't you just hate that. Maybe soup and is cold today. That would warm me up. I like broccoli and cheese and lobster bisque but have never made that yet. May have to try that one.

Does anyone out there get to watch any soap operas? The patient that I take of and spend 5 hours a day at her home, she watches Young and Restless. She has me watch it with her. I just love Michael on there. Gloria is ridiculous. And Chloe just has to go.I used to get to watch General Hopital but haven't watched that in years. They are all new characters basically on there. I like the old school actors.

Does anyone do a home business other than crafts that seems to work and isn't a scam? I would love to do something on the side. Here in my corner of the world there are more people that don't work than do. Not much sells unless you know someone that knows someone. Businesses that have craft sells aren't doing to well. People what something for nothing and when you put your time into making something, customers want it dirt cheap. They don't realize what goes into making items...your time, gas to get materials and such.

Well, time to get some lunch and throw some laundry in. Have to see if I have the black paint for that rack and try to cut some squares.

Everyone have a good day and keep safe


How does some get their name in fancy letters? I haven't figured that out yet, lol.


Kath said...

Hey there!
Hope you're enjoying your day off!

You can get make your signature here:

I have always wanted to try a rag quilt...I have NO idea where to even begin tho! I can't wait to see yours!
Maybe you can post step by step pics with instructions for me, is that askin a lil much?! :) LOL!

I know whatcha mean about crafting...and pricing. If ya charge for your time (which there is a lot of, put into each piece) then no one wants to pay that price...only fellow crafters truly appreciate what goes into making each piece.

I can't wait to see your quilt rack. my mom made me one...years ago...i have it in the spare bedroom, but I think I will drag it out and give mine a paint -n- prim job too!

Can't wait to see pics!
Have a wonderful day, Kathy!


Back in the Day said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon! I don't really have a home based business but I have a booth at an indoor flea market type thing. You rent space and they have people who run it. I have made a pretty good profit so far but we'll see.