Friday, January 16, 2009

Cabin Fever and work doesn't count

I look forward to the sunshine, blue skies, and 70 degree weather. Thought my car wouldn't start for work this morning but it did. Tonite is a little colder so we'll see what happens tomorrow. Want to go and see a movie.I want to see Marley and Me. I love animals so I'm sure I'll like this movie.

I want to make my way to Joann's also. I've been told they are having a good sale. Must check that out.

Hopefully I can continue on the mini wall rack that I am going to paint black. Got the sandpaper and paint, and it's waiting for me.

Does anyone use afghans anymore? The lady that I take care of was getting rid of a few and I like to have one on my couch but not sure what to do with the others. I don't have any closets in my home. It was built in 1942 and all the time that it was rented the owners never put closets in and to this day now that I own it, I never have either. The problem is that the rooms are quite small. If I take up one wall and make a closets, well then there's only room to walk around the bed and to have a dresser. I live in a two bedroom house with a kitchen and living room, and a bathroom. All the rooms are 12x15. Very limited in space. I don't have an attic that is usable. There is blown insulation up there so I can't put anything in it.
The basement isn't a good place to keep things unless they are in something to protect them. I have a coal furnace and it really is dirty from the ashes down there.
So basically I have no room to store things. Maybe this summer I will put a shed in the back yard and store things in there. That's a thought.

Well gotta get my homework assignment done. I have to have it posted my midnight. Gotta get crackin. HOpe all is well and safe and warm. Hopefully the January thaw is just around the corner. Until tomorrow,

God bless and take care

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