Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beginning of the big BRRRRRR!!!!

It is going to be soooo cold here tomorrow and Friday. Next week on Monday it goes back up to 29....yeaaaaa!

So how is everyone doing tonight? I finally got the medicine that I needed for the bronchitis. Can go to work on Friday.
Made some Parmesan bread sticks with dipping sauce. Walmart sells in a package fresh pizza dough so I rolled that out and put butter and parmesan cheese on it and baked them. The sauce I just used tomato paste, Italian dressing, parmasean cheese and water with a bit of sugar. There's a pizza place nearby and that's how they make their sauce. The place has been there forever. Very good pizza.

Didn't do anything craft today. Just took it easy.

Well gonna sign off for now. Everyone have a good noght.

Until tomorrow


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