Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a tumble

Went to the Dollar general store yesterday, my last stop, and boy I wish I had just gone home. I started walking into the store and BOOM I went flat on my face. I didn't think that my legs and arms could go that way, lol. A lady that was getting into her car came over to help me up and my daughter got out of the car to help. I couldn't get up on my knee it hurt like the dickins so I rolled and then they helped me up. How embarrassing. I went in to the the store to tell them that they needed to put some salt at the end of the sidewalk and she looked at me like so what and rolled her eyes. Wrong thing to do at me woman!!!! So i got what I went in there for and then checked out and she was out collecting the buggies, mind you with an attitude......I felt like pushing her down so she would know what it felt like...and then when I got back into my car this young male came out stood right on top of the ice patch cause it was a big one and sprinkled salt. I wanted to push him too. What would they have done it someone much older fell and broke a hip? I felt like saying that to them but just left with all my aches and soreness. Other than that, my are is a little sore today but it will work it's way out. I really like this lady that is a cashier, she always seemed nice....NOT! We'll see if she says anything the next time I'm in there. SHe didn't even ask if I was alright.....well my opinion has definitely changed of her. Goes to show you people aren't always what they seem to be....Maybe there will be a day that she will fall on ice and it will pop into her head...oh, that must be what that lady felt, lol.
Until tomorrow everyone have a good night!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Re-dos Done

It seems like it took me forever to do these simply re-dos but here they are...all done. Now to find somewhere to put them, lol.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Monday

Hello everyone and I hope you all had a good weekend. I was feeling better but I have a setback, the bronchitis is back. My weekend was mostly trying to feel better.

I managed to find some thrift finds on Friday. First time in a while. I think if I stop to often just to see if they have anything then that's when I don't find anything, so it's been about a week since the last time.
Here's a pic. The shelf I will paint and the apple basket will get some apples eventually. The electric candle, I wish was black so I may paint it and the wooden wall shelf I will prim too. I'm gonna work on that today and then I can post my mini quilt rack too. Well, gonna go and get somethings done for now.
TBC- to be continued, lol.........

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy two days

The last two days have been quite busy. I finally got my 4 ton of coal delivered. Ed shoveled two ton in yesterday and the other 2 ton was delivered today.....still setting there. It's hard work shoveling all of that in. I will start on the pile tomorrow and as the weekend goes and the weather holds out it will all get shoveled in.
Had some running around to do with paper work and my daughter starting school in Feb. so Ed and I went into town. We had lunch at the New Century Chinese Buffet. Around lunch time it gets so packed in there. The lunch special is $5.49 all you can eat and with different things to eat..even fries and pizza so there's a variety to choose from. I love the frozen corn and the green beans. They put some kind of sauce on the beans with garlic and it tastes sooo goood, a hint of sweet to it also. There are several types of chicken, general tso, walnut, pepper and onion, honey. I know what some say about the chicken, but they are quite tasty. It's all in what your believe, lol.
I finished my mini quilt rack and primmed it black and sanded the edges. I'll try to post a pic soon. I want to hang it up and put a few things on it first.
Ashley's getting excited to start school on Feb. 2 for the massage therapy. We have to go and get some uniforms and shoes...8 months is $9,500. and that's just for a diploma and certification but that's what she wants to start out on so I support her in her journey.
I want to start a sampler for my daughter for her venture into the "real" world so to speak. Not quite sure what to put on it yet. Have to think about it a little.

Apple Cinnamon is my fav scent and I by this bottle of oil from Walmart for oil warmers but I put it on other things as well. It's Elegant Expressions. They are in dark bottles , 2fl oz., $1.97 a bottle. There are all kinds of scents but this is my fav.They have it in the candle isle here. If you get a chance check them out.

I have some scrap wool and was thinking of making a wooden spoon rack. Nothing special, to me it would look more primitive. I like the barn red color but I have seen a little deeper color that I like but don't know the name of it. If anyone knows, please let me know. I don't want to paint it black or leave it natural.

Well that's all for today, it' gettin late. Tomorrow's another day, lol...but it's FRIDAY!!!!

Everyone have a good night and keep warm.
Smiles and Hugs,



Monday, January 19, 2009

Pittsburghs Going To The SuperBowl 2009


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Painted Daisy Blog Give-A-Way

Take a peek at the Painted Daisy Blog. They are having a give a way that's delightful. While you are there, see what a wonderful community of creative crafters and members that make the Painted Daisy Community a wonderful place to become a member.
Creative, helpful, friendly members that are a joy to visit.

Go on!!! Take a peek!!!!

What's for dinner!?

This doesn't take long to cook.

Tonight, I'm making Hash Brown Potato Soup. Here is what I use.

1 bag of hash browns I use 24oz it makes about 6-7 big servings
1 pkg. Delallo potato gnocchi 16oz.
2 cans of cream of chicken soup
1 can chicken broth
cut up carrots, as much as you would like
1 small-med. onion, diced
1 cup of diced ham
bacon bits
salt and pepper to taste
milk...I like to use evaporated milk with water but whatever you have is fine

In large pot add ingredients together except milk, broth and gnocchi.

then Add (use the soup cans) 1 cup of evap. milk and 1 can of water. Or you can use two cups of milk. Then add broth.

Stir everything together. If it seems to thick add either milk or broth until thinner.

Cook on med-low heat for 30-40 minutes, stir occasionally.
Add gnocchi about 4 minutes before done.

When done you can add cheese and bacon bits on top. I have also added to the soup while cooking.

Really good with biscuits.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cabin Fever and work doesn't count

I look forward to the sunshine, blue skies, and 70 degree weather. Thought my car wouldn't start for work this morning but it did. Tonite is a little colder so we'll see what happens tomorrow. Want to go and see a movie.I want to see Marley and Me. I love animals so I'm sure I'll like this movie.

I want to make my way to Joann's also. I've been told they are having a good sale. Must check that out.

Hopefully I can continue on the mini wall rack that I am going to paint black. Got the sandpaper and paint, and it's waiting for me.

Does anyone use afghans anymore? The lady that I take care of was getting rid of a few and I like to have one on my couch but not sure what to do with the others. I don't have any closets in my home. It was built in 1942 and all the time that it was rented the owners never put closets in and to this day now that I own it, I never have either. The problem is that the rooms are quite small. If I take up one wall and make a closets, well then there's only room to walk around the bed and to have a dresser. I live in a two bedroom house with a kitchen and living room, and a bathroom. All the rooms are 12x15. Very limited in space. I don't have an attic that is usable. There is blown insulation up there so I can't put anything in it.
The basement isn't a good place to keep things unless they are in something to protect them. I have a coal furnace and it really is dirty from the ashes down there.
So basically I have no room to store things. Maybe this summer I will put a shed in the back yard and store things in there. That's a thought.

Well gotta get my homework assignment done. I have to have it posted my midnight. Gotta get crackin. HOpe all is well and safe and warm. Hopefully the January thaw is just around the corner. Until tomorrow,

God bless and take care

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beginning of the big BRRRRRR!!!!

It is going to be soooo cold here tomorrow and Friday. Next week on Monday it goes back up to 29....yeaaaaa!

So how is everyone doing tonight? I finally got the medicine that I needed for the bronchitis. Can go to work on Friday.
Made some Parmesan bread sticks with dipping sauce. Walmart sells in a package fresh pizza dough so I rolled that out and put butter and parmesan cheese on it and baked them. The sauce I just used tomato paste, Italian dressing, parmasean cheese and water with a bit of sugar. There's a pizza place nearby and that's how they make their sauce. The place has been there forever. Very good pizza.

Didn't do anything craft today. Just took it easy.

Well gonna sign off for now. Everyone have a good noght.

Until tomorrow


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday's here

I can't believe how time flies. All weekend long I was researching for my final projects for the two classes that were ending this weekend. I never stared at a computer so long in my life, lol. Glad those two are over with. On with the next two.

So how's everyone doing and how was your weekend. Here in PA further up north they received a lot of snow, my neck of the woods basically got rain. I have no problem with that, lol.

I keep saying that I want to make a rag quilt and I have everything I need, just have to start cutting my squares. I probably will start on that tonight.

I got a small, I guess you can say quilt rack, at Good will last week and it's white but I want to paint it black and rough if up a bit. It's brand new and I paid $2.00 for it. I will try and post pics later, before and after.

I have the day off and went to the doctors for a check up...I have a touch of bronchitis. Couldn't sleep last night for nothing, coughed all night. SHe gave me a script for meds( which I won't get) and out the door I was. SHe charged me $75 for a half hour visit, that's up from 6 months ago at $66. Yikes, it stinks when you don't have health insurance. She did give me a number for gynecological services that I can get a discount on since I am way past check ups on that area. I definitely
need the mamogram...there is a lump they are watching and as for the's been years. I must call and see what I can have scheduled.

I was wondering what to make for dinner today. I'm not sure what I want...don't you just hate that. Maybe soup and is cold today. That would warm me up. I like broccoli and cheese and lobster bisque but have never made that yet. May have to try that one.

Does anyone out there get to watch any soap operas? The patient that I take of and spend 5 hours a day at her home, she watches Young and Restless. She has me watch it with her. I just love Michael on there. Gloria is ridiculous. And Chloe just has to go.I used to get to watch General Hopital but haven't watched that in years. They are all new characters basically on there. I like the old school actors.

Does anyone do a home business other than crafts that seems to work and isn't a scam? I would love to do something on the side. Here in my corner of the world there are more people that don't work than do. Not much sells unless you know someone that knows someone. Businesses that have craft sells aren't doing to well. People what something for nothing and when you put your time into making something, customers want it dirt cheap. They don't realize what goes into making items...your time, gas to get materials and such.

Well, time to get some lunch and throw some laundry in. Have to see if I have the black paint for that rack and try to cut some squares.

Everyone have a good day and keep safe


How does some get their name in fancy letters? I haven't figured that out yet, lol.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Over the Hump Day!

Well here it is...Wednesday already. Had some running around to do today. Off the rest of the week due to my patient's mother who was 90, passed away. So that gives me a break to catch up on things. Had the financial aid appointment for my daughter to start school in Feb. So much paper work. FIlling out loan papers and for the grants. Everything seems to be going to work out well for her. Thank goodness. Between the three of us, that's myself, Ashley and Tim, we have $80,000 in school loans. Very expensive, but can you really put a price on education? Yes, you can, and they do.
Want to start on some crafts but first need to clean out my bins in the basement that have been sitting around forever. I figure if I haven't used it yet, I better do something with it. I thought about making some wood craft items, that's what I did before and I have the tools to do that with. It would be nothing for me to make some of the prom things that I see on other sites. In fact, I could offer them a little cheaper. Might be something I can do. Maybe make one item and post and see how it goes.
My major classes are going to kick in now that I have gotten the intro ones over. By that I mean on how to write correctly and on critical thinking. I do on line classes for a BS in Human Services. Picked my electives today and for the degree that I am doing, I have to have two math classes.....YIKES!!! I am not good at all in math and the kicker is they are Algebra I and II. Oh boy! Seems like I would know a little about that....wrong....math is the worst for me. Someone can ask me how to take a blood pressure, change a catheter, give an injection or take blood, no problem, but to do math, forget it. That will be a very challenging semester. My intended graduation date in June 27, 2010. Not to much longer to go.
I have a lot of downsizing to do, yes, I am a pack rat, lol. I don't know if I should try to put things on Ebay or not. I have sold a few things on there before but times are slow. The area that I live in, yard sales don't go over to well. You have to go to where they have others selling on Sundays, which is $15 a spot, and if you don't sale lost. This area here everyone is trying to make a killing on their things that I wouldn't pay no more that $10 for. ANd trust me, it's junk. Something that should be thrown away but then again you don't want to add to the global warming so they try to sell this stuff.
I've always tried to buy collectible items. Older things so that maybe on day my kids could sell and keep the money for something so what I have isn't junk. Just stuff someone would want or looking for. Maybe I'll try Ebay and if that doesn't work, I don't know, but I do have to downsize.
Well I hope everyone has a nice evening and keeps warm where ever you are. Keep safe and until next time.....Take care.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Children at Ashley's Grad Party in June of '08

This is my son, Tim

This is my niece, Amy and my daughter Ashley on the right. They both graduated at the same time. They are only 2 days apart in age. Both are 18 now and moving onto bigger things.

Happy Sunday to all

Hello all! Such a rainy but warm today here. Had to work this morning and on the way home I stopped at Goodwill. Donations are really down in this area. No goodies for me today. I have to work tomorrow so I will stop at the St. Vincent DePaul thrift store on the way home. The patient that I take care of, her mother passed away this morning, she was 90, so this week I'll have a memorial service to go to. Have to find something to wear.
I was going through all of my stashed material that I have done nothing with as of yet and was thinking of getting rid of some of it. If I do, I will post on here what and when. It's mainly remnants but big enough to do something with. I have craft things everywhere and I will be getting rid of somethings. Let's just say I need to downsize A lot with many things, lol. I'm a clutter bug for sure.
I was thinking about buying a sewing machine from walmart, not an expensive on, but one that will get simple stitching done. The machine that I have, when you sew, the thread all bundles up under where the plate is and gets in a big knot. I tried adjusting the tension but to no avail. It is about 25 years old but not used very often. I may try one more time to see if I can figure it out if not...then I will have to buy another.
My college online classes resume tomorrow so back to studying again. I read in today's paper there are three openings for Human bad I just started on classes or I could apply for the positions. The next 3 and a half years will fly by and then I will be able to do what I am studying for. Well not much more for the day. Kinda quite. Hope everyone has a nice evening and all are safe. Until tomorrow, God Bless.


Here's a funny for everyone...

Funny Pictures

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Significant other...Ed

Some of my fav pics

This is a fav pic that I took last summer at a local lake.

This is ornery Tucker

This is my daughter Ashley.
She was tired of walking and decided to stop and said it was here resting place. We we're at a fall festival. This year it was held in September...ergo no fall leaves in background.

Welcome Everyone to my Blog!

After reading all the blogs that I have, I finally decided to try it myself. Hello to all. My name is Kathy and I live in Southwestern PA. I have two children, a son who is 26 and a daughter that is 18. We have a dog, Trey, but we call him Bubba and two cats, baby girl and Tucker. He's the ornery one. I work as a CNA/HHA for the last 11 years and recently started on line college to receive a BS in Human Services. I love helping people in any way that I can. I love doing crafts, thrift stores, flea markets, and decorating in the prim way. In the past I did woodcrafts and sold them when I worked in a hospital but as I went into home health, I cut back on doing those. I hope to move into doing some sewing and making samplers. I just love them. I may venture into selling the items if I feel that I am doing them somewhat decently. The only thing that slows me down from crafting is my hands. I have arthur in them and at times it makes it hard to do anything. I must go on with doing things though. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Well with that all said, I hope as I get the blogging on a roll, everyone decides to visit. There are a lot of friendly blogs that I like to read and I hope that mine will be one also. So here it goes for me and the blogging....Wish me Luck!!!